Greening the Arts: Think pieces for a zero carbon future and a survey of sustainable arts practices 2010 (pdf)

TippingPoint Australia publication.

This document is a mapping of some of the activity and aspirations of the culture sector, with international as well as Australian perspectives, as we respond to the condition and impact of climate change across the globe.

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Where Science Meets Art 2014 (pdf)


A Julie’s Bicycle publications.

Julie's Bicycle in collaboration with the Technology Strategy Board has produced a Special Edition of the Green Futures publication. ‘Where Science Meets Art’ talks to the collaborators and creatives who are leading the way, and asks how we can make the future a masterpiece.

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Carbon Audit Summary Report 2010 (pdf)





Climate Futures: Responses to climate change in 2030: Forum for the Future 2008 (pdf)


An Australia Council for the Arts and IETM Collaboration Project 2010-2011.

Climate Futures describes five different worlds all set in 2030, each responding to climate change in different ways. The scenarios are based on wide research and consultation and a rigorous methodology. They aren’t predictions for the future, and we don’t think that one scenario is necessarily more likely than another. But we do hope that they present elements of the possible future in a plausible and convincing way, and stimulate and challenge the reader.

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The Collaboration Project seeks to better understand the carbon impacts resulting from the complex area of international exchange and touring, and develop a set of tested recommendations with broad applicability to support joined up, consistent and accountable action in this sphere.

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International Co-Production Manual the journey which is full of surprises.

Written and researched by Judith Staines, Sophie Travers & M J Chun.


The Book of Common Knowledge.


The idea for the International Co-Production Manual first came from the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) who in the past five years have developed strategies to support Korean performing artists and companies to enter overseas markets. KAMS joined with IETM, whose 30 years experience as an international network for contemporary performing arts places them at the forefront as an observer of trends in the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in the global environment. Both partners wanted a study that would inform their members and constituents and honour diverse experiences of international co-production and collaboration. Download the International Manual; The journey which is full of surprises here...


TippingPoint Australia publication.

Coming out of the 2013 TippingPoint Australia Forum: The future – unimaginable or unthinkable?, The Book of Common Knowledge highlights the conversations and thinking of the 80 participants who gathered in Canberra on Wednesday 29th of May 2013. TippingPoint Australia 2013 was an opportunity for leaders and change agents from arts, science and the business sectors to gather and harness hope, to identify the most effective strategies and actions to help each other make changes that will bring us closer to our happier imagined futures.

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