Scouts, art and climate change: an adventure []

What do scouts, art and climate change have in common? They’re all part of a quirky participatory arts project, Be Prepared, happening this month in Kensington.

Why the name, you ask? ‘Be prepared’ is the motto of the scouting movement, and the civic commitment that comes with scouting culture also applies to climate change – we can all do our bit.

The project is the brainchild of Torque Show artists Ingrid Weisfelt, Ross Ganf and Vincent Crowley, who have been working with the City of Melbourne’s only scouting group to produce the performances, which will be held at a secret location in Kensington.

The aim of the performances, says Weisfelt, is to present the subject of climate change in a way that’s different to the norm.

Rather than a documentary or conference, Be Prepared seeks to create an experience that engages the audience in a mix of fun grames, training exercises, songs, rituals, ceremonies and dances, all inspired by the scouting movement.

‘We’re looking forward to audiences coming on the ride and leaving with smiles on their faces and with renewed resolve to make a positive impact on climate change in whatever way they can,’ said Weisfelt.

If you’re passionate about climate change or just interested in a quirky arts experience, get your tickets now.

Be Prepared runs from 15 to 24 May. The project is created by Torque Show and presented by the City of Melbourne.