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2010 TippingPoint Australia Forums

Free public events

Join a new conversation at a TippingPoint open space event.

Art and climate change – re-imagining a global future through dialogue and action TippingPointAustralia hosted 3 forums in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in 2010 for invited international and Australian artists, scientists and others to explore ways in which we can adapt to and mitigate functionally, culturally and socially the effects of climate change.

You can take part in the conversation at an open space event held prior to each forum. Following short ‘provocations’ from guest speakers, Dick Robertson from TippingPoint (UK) facilitates an extended conversation in which you decide what should be discussed. A TippingPoint open space event is a night of vibrant and creative conversation, which will have you engaged and connected – and with a personal and collaborative climate-change action plan.

Read the ArtsHub article by Fiona Mackrell here. [October 14 2010]


Oct 29th and 30th
Malthouse Theatre

Art and climate change. Waking in fear and living in hope – what kind of art do we need now? in association with Melbourne Conversations the City of Melbourne’s free talks program Marcus Westbury & Saffron O’Neill

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Nov 5th and 6th
Performance Space

Where’s the silver lining? Can we reimage the nature of art and the culture of our relationships in the crisis of climate change?
Ann Henderson-Sellers & Lucas Ihlein


Nov 12th and 13th
The Edge

Whatever the weather, what does it mean to be a citizen of the world in a time of climate change? Natalie Jeremijenko (virtual guest) & Stefan Hajkowicz

Later Event: August 14
2011 Control of the Commons