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2011 The Climate Changers [Exhibition]

  • Queensland Museum South Bank Level 4. Corner of Grey and Melbourne Streets, South Bank, South Brisbane Australia (map)

Climate Changers - Kids thinking big about sustainability

National Science Week:Children’s art exhibition and short film

A TPA Climate Commission

In 2010,  The Climate Changers, Brisbane based artist/producer Jaina Kalifa, science educator Paul Brandon, and artsworker Juliette Kalifa, produced the Climate Changers workshops to teach kids about climate change and help them create artworks exploring possible solutions.

Climate change is daunting. We have mostly agreed that it’s happening. But it’s big and what can we do about it anyway? What about cyclone-powered electricity grids? Or lightning-run barbecues? Or dog saliva showers? Can we build a machine to fix it? We need to work together but how do you encourage cooperation? These are some of the ingenious ideas Year 5 children from Milton State School in Brisbane suggested when we asked them to come up with creative solutions to climate change. The children’s artwork responses are sure to surprise and amaze you.

Come and explore big artworks about sustainability created by some of our state’s smallest citizens.

In this special exhibition, discover the brilliant climate change solutions of 9–11 year olds from Milton State School. Through their unique artworks these young minds remind us that creative thinking is a must in these times of change. Wise beyond their years, the children’s insights and creative solutions have to be seen to be believed.

Workshops were run at Milton State School to teach children about climate change and encourage them to re-imagine our response to it, by creating artworks illustrating possible solutions. The results are a fresh contribution to the climate change discussion and a poignant reminder of our responsibility to future generations.

The artworks – which are delightfully creative and funny, but also insightful – will be exhibited at the Queensland Museum South Bank from 20 August to 11 September 2011 as part of National Science Week. Be prepared to look at the world in a completely different way.

Produced by Jaina Kalifa with the support of TippingPoint Australia, Queensland Museum South Bank, Hands on Art and Milton State School.

Sat 20 August – Sun 11 September, 9.30am – 5pm
Free. Bookings essential for all Schools and Groups

What is Climate Change?

Global warming and cooling is a natural process that has occurred for millions of years. As the world heats up or cools down, the climate in a particular location is also affected. This local event is called ‘climate change’.
Global warming and climate change are hot topics now because the world is warming at a faster rate than in previous recorded history. 

This accelerated heating has been caused by the large amount of greenhouse gases that people have released into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases store the sun’s heat in the atmosphere, rather than letting it radiate into space.
To fix this problem, we need to find ways to dramatically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced. We also need to find ways to collect and store the excess greenhouse gas in the environment.

Workshops: 2010
Exhibition: 20 August to 11 September 2011